Learn to Build and Manage Thriving Communities

Gain the skills, knowledge, and resources you need to build and manage a thriving online community for your organisation.

Next semester begins: May 26, 2015


  1. How to Start an Online Community

    This module teaches those new to community management the proven framework for successful community development, including platform selection, seeding and reaching critical mass.

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  2. Successful Community Management

    This module is for individuals who wish to excel in community management. It provides a strategy that will help in achieving specific goals such as growing membership, increasing participation levels, building relationships with key members and resolving conflicts.

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  3. Advanced Community Management

    This module is for those managing a team of community managers within an organization or running established communities for multiple clients.

    It delivers advanced, proven methodology for future-proofing your existing online communities and how to develop an effective team management strategy.

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Feverbee & Richard Millington

Richard is the Founder and Managing Director of FeverBee. Richard’s blog, FeverBee is ranked amongst the top 10 UK marketing blogs and is widely cited as best practice in helping organizations around the world improve their community efforts.

Richard is the author of the highly acclaimed, Online Community Manifesto, The Proven Path eBook and the book, Buzzing Communities; How To Build Bigger, Better, And More Active Online Communities.

The skills taught here are practical, realistic, and mirror actual daily usage. Whether you are a newly minted community manager, or someone with years of experience looking for a new perspective, this course will be helpful to you.

Philippe Beaudette, Director, Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

The beauty of FeverBee’s course is that it combines social science theories and successful community case studies into one interactive learning programme.

Kirsten Wagenaar, Senior Community Consultant, KREM